Quality Management

High standard of quality

Our qualified sales team consults our customers in technical and technological matters with regard to demands on material requirements on a highly level. Our expertise in special alloys, facilitation of effective forging processes as well as the sourcing of high-quality and special materials is highly appreciated in the industry. The experience and knowledge of our staff and partners are continuously improved.

Our customers can rely on the accuracy of our forgings and the punctuality of our deliveries.

To ensure this we make quality measurable. Order processing and production work using the zero defect principle. This allows to maintain constant high quality in production and systematic workflows.

Acting with foresight and a strict quality-control avoid possible sources of error.

Quality is a component of all our company activities to maintain and improve competitiveness.

We exclusively process aluminum, which is recyclable to 100 %. Every single gram of the metal goes either to the customer or is returned to the production cycle.

As a contemporary and versatile metal aluminum represents an environmentally-friendly use of resources because aluminum is used but not consumed.

We regularly analyze and evaluate chances and risks of our activities. Our processes are adapted to meet high demands on quality- and environmental issues.